Managing Office with Google Docs

Today, we are working in a complex environment with sophisticated tools. Have a look at your office, you find it full of modern equipments. The most amazing thing in your office is a computer. This amazing machine handles all the tasks easily.

You have to give only the instructions and leave the rest to it. You will find your office connected to a system – Office Automation System. OAS consists of computers, printers, scanners and other devices connected over a network. It is not all, the software and hardware in your computer system comes under OAS.

The software to use in your office to manage daily work is OAS software. This can include software for word processing, emailing, content management, tables and charts.

Today, we know Microsoft Office as the most used OAS software. It has the most number of customers and daily users. Another such system, Open Office is open source software giving good competition to Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Office comes in several variants and editions. It comes with MS Word that is the most widely used word processor. It is an offline tool to handle any task related to processing text.

However, Google the web giant is giving competition to MS Word. It is offering Google Docs, an online application for office related tasks. It is getting popular over time. Some people have the opinion that it will take over Microsoft’s popularity. Here we discuss some facts about the new features of Google docs.

Google Docs is a great application to enhance productivity at your workplace. It is secure and prevents spams from entering your computer. The best feature of Google Docs is that you can edit and share importance files online. You can send documents via this application easily.

People are widely using it on their workplaces. Although some people think it as a competitor to MS Office, it works like a compliment. However, a recent study revealed that Microsoft Office is going to face problems in popularity later. Google Docs is getting much popular at different workspaces. Soon it would become the most used OAS tool.

Google Docs has fantastic tools for business purposes. It has Google Sites and Google Calendar to enhance itself. However, Google has some issues related to security. Often it does not allow website to transfer over the Internet.

The reason is that if it finds the file or its content suspicious, it stops the transactions. Some people may consider this feature good, but many report it to be problematic.

Google Docs is indeed the best online software for higher productivity at office. Moreover, its ability to work edit and share on the fly is amazing. Google allows you to connect Docs to other applications from the company. You can try Google Docs at the office and surely, it will not disappoint you.