Sometimes ago, people considered web design and SEO as two different things. Web design related to the structure and content of the website while SEO was a promotional application. These were different industries and design had nothing to do with SEO.

Times have changed and the more with Google’s new Panda update. The new Panda update states that Google is now looking for websites with good design and accessibility. To be fair, it has been doing this for years but now the values have changed.

Earlier design, accessibility and content were just elements of a good website but they are also important for the Google ranking today. Panda says it is looking for websites with fresh and relevant text content. As a result, we find the World Wide Web moving towards Web 3.0 – the contextual web.

Google has openly stated its hunger for knowledge and information. If your website is among the ones offering relevant information, get ready to appear on Google’s first page.

If not, start building your content mountain or else you shall fall behind the hundred thousands of competitors. However, this is just a vague idea to generate content. A question might be coming in your mind – how to generate content. It is easy to talk about content but generating it is very difficult.

It takes time, patience and good knowledge of the subject. Here is the answer to the question – how to generate content quickly to match the requirements of the upcoming Web 3.0.

Good knowledge of the subject – This is a secret formula to generate good content easily. If you have about knowledge on the subject of your website, writing on it is not difficult.

You can write articles, blogs, reviews, and much more. You have to generate content, whichever way you like. Now, this does not mean that you go on writing garbage.

Google also checks the quality of the content. It rates the readability and usefulness of your website’s content. Writing a high quality 250 words articles is better than thousand words of useless garbage text.

Today is the era in which giants called social media reside. They feed on the valuable time of the people. The biggest of them are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. and Google+ shall join them soon. These social media websites generate tons of content each day.

They do not write text from their side, the people busy on them write in the content for them. This type of engagement can be beneficial for your website too. Make your website responsive to users and ask them to write reviews, posts, comments, etc.

This will prove as a second income for your website. Make your website useful and up to date with lots of good content. This way can only you engage good number of audience and get the attentions of search engines and social media websites.