SEO and PPC promotional strategies

The global business depends largely on advertisement and promotion. Most of the businesses, big or small, are promoting themselves for better sales. As a result the advertisement industry is growing big and bigger.

The traditional forms of print and TV are still high on demand but new forms have also come out. Internet is proving a great platform for popularizing one’s business. The reason behind this is the presence of huge number of people online.

The growing number of websites and portals are making the Internet industry increase many folds. As a business owner, you might be advertising your company, its services and products on the Internet.

However, a question arises that is your company sales boosting. Here we shall find answers to two big questions.

Are the promotional campaigns hundred percent efficient?

Are PPC and other advertising better than SEO?

People have a tendency to follow others. They do not think whether it is wrong or right. They just want to repeat the success stories of people without looking at their own strengths and disabilities. However, this is a wrong practice and sometimes creates problems for business owner who try to follow others blindly.

The competition is getting tougher as thousands of companies are entering in the industries each year. Each company is advertising itself as the best one that is creating much confusion among the public. People have always relied on good brands and trust products that serve the best.

In this scenario, advertising on the Internet seems weaker than print and TV media. People go for trusted brands and not the promotions on the Internet, says a report. According to a survey, 88% of people admitted that advertising helps boost sales. However, only 34% of them would like to buy advertised products. This rate falls down to 8% when it comes to actually buying.

The above stated facts are enough to reveal the underlying reality of the success of promotional campaigns. Still millions of companies look forward towards advertising on the Internet. This is not a wrong idea but people have mistaken it as a success formula.

When it fails, they give up soon and drop the project. They should not take advertising and promotion as a sword to overcome the challenges of business, but as armor to prevent from getting hurt. They should use the sword of SEO (search engine optimization) to make their business grow and generate income.

The traditional methods of SEO are still prevalent in promotional business. Although some of the rules have changed, the game is same – getting on the top of Google. If your business achieves a good rank on Google, you have won half the competition. The rest half lies on how you convince and satisfy your customers who have come looking for the best products and services.

Google search results are organic, fair and highly accurate. Everyone believes Google and that is why paid promotions have low priority than organic Google search results. Therefore, it is imperative for a business to attain a good Google rank and use paid promotion as a supporting tool.