SEO tricks that Google hates

It is a well-known fact that Google is the world’s biggest search engine that millions of people visit every day. It is the most efficient and trusted tool to find out relevant information on any topic. People consider Google as one of the greatest inventions in this world.

Even a nonprofessional can easily learn to search information on this website. However, the technological crowd understands a bit of Google’s structure and working. It operates on predefined algorithms that are the perfect examples of artificial intelligence.

However, some webmasters and SEO experts tend to annoy Google by certain web page tweaks. Here we discuss some facts search engine always hate.

A doorway page is a web page that webmasters and black hat SEO firms use to make a website searchable. This page does not relate to the website’s content or navigation but search engines can access it. It carries stuffed keywords and links that search engine spiders can crawl. A doorway page contains keywords for most of related search queries.

Throwaways are domains are links that a SEO expert place on a client’s page that redirects to another client. Many SEO firms employ this black hat SEO trick to increase their backlinks count instantly. Google states clearly in its SEO Webmasters Guidelines not to consider throwaway domains in web pages.

Keyword Stuffing
Keyword stuffing is a crime in the eyes of Google. Google discourages webmasters to stay away from it. Keyword stuffing is a black hat method of using niche keywords repeatedly in a website.

Website developers and masters use it to make a website more searchable. Sometimes, it might bring good results but they are only for a short time and Google might throw you at the end of the list if it finds out the trick.

Many webmasters do not know the art of content development. Instead of getting professional help, they tend to copy content from other websites. They might think themselves smart but actually, they are committing an offensive crime.

Plagiarism is a cyber crime and Google and other search engines hate webmasters who do so. Sometimes, you might do it unknowingly but still it is a crime.

Dead Links
Dead links are links that result in a HTTP 404 error. When you click a dead link, you get the message ‘Page not Found’. It is very bad for your website if it contains dead links. It decreases the credibility of your website and the overall business. Make sure that every button or link or your website results in some change on screen.

The above-discussed factors decrease the quality of your website and take it far away from good ranks on search engines. Therefore, it is advisable never practice these methods in your website. They might give you good ranks for a short time but are harmful in the end.