Understanding the different types of online slots

In the world of gambling, slot machines originally started off as a digression from original table games. However they grew to be so widely enjoyed by one and all that their popularity resulted in the games becoming the most profitable in the casino industry.

As technology developed slot machines became more advanced than their predecessors. The most recent advancement in the slot gaming world is the growth of cyber or online slots.

Software advancements in slot gaming made it possible for people to gamble for free without any woes of losing money making online slot machines extremely favoured and prevalent. Online slots just like traditional slot machines can be classified under the following basis:

Number of Reels

Slot machines today typically have 3 or 5 reels. Traditional slot machines had 3 reelsoffering a simple and easy experience. Modern slot machines were developed to have 5 reels increasing the chances of the player hitting the jackpot.

Number of Rows

While the number of reels on slot machines is either 3 or 5, the number of rows can vary depending on the intended complexity of the game. Increasing the number of rows usually tempt the player to play more by showing him/her how closely they missed the jackpot.

Number of Pay Rows

A payline is the line which crosses one symbol on each real signifying a winning combination. Classic machines used to have upto 9 paylines. With online slots there is really no limit to the number of paylines. Increased number of paylines increases the odds of a player winning encouraging more betting.

Coin Denomination

Slot machines vary depending on the denomination of coins that they accept. Online slot machines start with as little as $1. High rollers usually go up to coin denominations of $500 allowing players to wager hundreds or even thousands of dollars in one spin.

High limits slots are preferred by avid gamblers over low limit ones as they tend have increased odds at winning.

Number of Coins

The number of coins that can be bet on classic slots is usually three coins but some allow only two.

Other Variations

While the above mentioned are the basic variations of the game, there are other types of online slots. These are some of the popular slots: progressive slots, multipliers, bonus multipliers, 3-D slots et cetera. Progressive slots divert a small percentage of every bet made all over the world into a progressive jackpot pool which sometimes reaches a million dollars or more.

Although these slots have regular paylines which offer smaller wins, they attract players with their life changing jackpot amounts. 3-D slots are another type of new age slot machines. Here slots are combined with a three dimensional story line with genres as far as high adventure, action to romantic encounters that make the game more stimulating for the player.